Jun 30, 2010

Leafy Favor Boxes

We recently received a shipment of leafy ribbon and I've been itching to use it on something crafty for the blog. Enter, favor boxes! I debated saving this post for spring, but one, it's so far away (patience was never my strongsuit) and two, this could be just the thing to bring some spring warmth and floral hints to your reception after the weather has turned cold. The blue and white pairing would also be the right combination of cooler tones with floral hints. So on we go...

To make these leafy, vine-covered favor boxes, you'll need the following ingredients:
(from bottom left, going clockwise)
1. White leafy ribbon, approximately 18-19 inches per box (or 8-9 inches if you're only covering the lid)
2. Green leafy ribbon, approximately 18-19 inches per box (or 8-9 inches if you're only covering the lid)
3. Favor boxes. I used blush pink and tiffany blue.
4. 2-inch round tags.

For the tags...
I designed the tags in photoshop and printed them at home on my inkjet printer on white cardstock. It's a good idea to place a faint gray circle (~15% opacity) around each design as a guide for when you punch them out. Each circle is 2 inches to accommodate our 2-inch circle cuter, but of course you could play around with the dimensions/proportions. Punch out each tag, then punch a hole at the top and you're good to go.

If you're wrapping the entire box with leafy ribbon, it's pretty straightforward, just like wrapping a present. Pull the ribbon down two opposite sides, twist at the bottom, then come back up the other two opposing sides, then tie a knot first. Thread on the tag, and tie another knot. 

If you're doing the economical version and just putting ribbon on the lid, you can just use adhesive tape to tape the ends under the hidden flap. Just don't forget to thread the tag on first!

Warning! There will be some leaf casualties. It's better to thread the tag going with the direction of the leaves, from the "bottom" of the vine to the "top." But even still, don't be discouraged if some leaves fall off. It gives it "character." =P

Final gratuitous beauty shot of the boxes doing their thing:

May 27, 2010

Damask Packing Tape Projects

We now have Tapeswell packing tape at our new Brea store! To celebrate this momentous occasion and to get you started on your packing tape projects, we came up with a few ideas to liven up any wedding reception or dinner party.

1. Table Numbers
These table numbers were printed on thick cardstock (we used a shimmery white with metallic finish). Apply your packing tape and mount on a folded piece of black cardstock or leave as a one-layer. Garnish with ribbons and you're done! Who knew a strip of packing tape could add elegance to table numbers. Not I…

2. Gift bags
The transparency of the tape makes it work especially well on cellophane. We applied the tape down one side of a standard cellophane bag, stuffed it with tissue shreds and threw the gift in, rustling it around a bit for good measure. Finish with a black bow and optional gift tag (see below).

3. Favor Boxes
Apply tape over the lid of the desired favor box. Using an Xacto knife, carefully make an incision from the inside surface of the lid. Insert ribbon ends from the outside to hide the slit and tapes the ends down. The good thing is there is usually a double-layer flap on the inside of the lid, so you can hide the ribbon ends under that.

4. Place Cards
I’m sure you guys know the drill now...Just keep in mind that you should leave about 1.5 inches of space on whichever side you decide to stick the tape on. A strip of tape down the left (or right, or top), score, then fold.

5. Gift Tags
We thought adding a flourishy monogram on the tag would go well with the elegance of the damask and add a nice personal touch. Once again, you could dress it up with a black layer, or keep it simple with damask tape on one side, names on the other. We also added a black donut around the punched hole.

We didn't wander into the world of programs, menus or invitations this time, but you could theoretically use the same roll of tape to decorate all of the paper goods for your wedding and wow your guests with not only your craftiness and resourcefulness, but also consistent damask pattern =P

Till next time!

May 26, 2010

Summer’s almost here! Well, you wouldn’t know it from the cold nights and cloudy days we’ve been experiencing here in LA, but I’m sure it’s going to show up soon enough. In anticipation of warmer weather, sand between our toes and iced lemonade and barbeques at the beach, we’ve selected a few of our favorite japanese chiyogami prints that would be perfect for any summer project. Each week we’ll throw a couple at you, along with project ideas and suggestions. Maybe it’ll give you something to do until summer actually arrives…